By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The internet can be a pretty special place, and this story is proof of that. It’s also proof of some people with quite a bit of time on their hands, but special none the less.

Several readers of the Cowboys SB Nation blog Blogging The Boys noticed something while watching video of the Dallas Cowboys war room for the 2013 NFL Draft. On the wall in the war room was the Cowboys “draft board,” a listing of where they believe every player available should go in the draft.

So those readers took screenshots of the video, and figured out who the Cowboys had on their draft board, and where. There is of course the possibility that the Cowboys knew the cameras would be in the war room, so they constructed a fake draft board. That possibility seems less likely, and less fun.

Some interesting things to note regarding the Cowboys draft board and who the Eagles ended up selecting:

* Matt Barkley is rated as the second best quarterback in the draft, behind Syracuse’s Ryan Nassib. Nassib, like Barkley, went in the fourth round of the draft. Geno Smith is listed as the third best QB, and EJ Manuel, the only QB to go in the first round, is rated as a fourth round pick.

* Lane Johnson is rated as the third best offensive tackle, behind Fisher and Joeckel.

* Tight end Zach Ertz is rated as the third best tight end, and projected to go in the second round, where the Eagles picked him.

* Defensive tackle Bennie Logan is rated as a third round talent by the Cowboys, and was selected in the third round by the Eagles.

The entire Cowboys draft board can be seen at this location.

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