PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A new Gallup poll reveals that Americans’ views on numerous moral issues have shifted significantly over the last decade.

The poll, which surveyed over 1,500 people about their values and beliefs, revealed that Americans have become more accepting of certain things, especially gay and lesbian relationships and having a child out of wedlock.

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In 2001, just 40% of Americans said they thought homosexual relationships were morally acceptable; in 2013, that number has jumped to 59%.

Similarly, 45% of those surveyed felt having a baby outside of marriage was acceptable in 2011, but 60% were okay with the idea today.

Other things cited by Gallup include Americans’ increasing tolerance for sex between an unmarried man and woman, divorce, embryonic stem cell research, polygamy, and cloning humans.

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In fact, the only area where views shifted significantly in the opposite direction was in relation to medical testing on animals, which only 56% of Americans found morally acceptable, down from 65% 12 years ago.

So, what hasn’t changed?

Our views on infidelity: Only 6% of those surveyed said having an affair was morally acceptable.

To see the full survey, visit:

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