WILDWOOD, N.J., (CBS) –Wildwood is known for its beautiful stretches of beaches and ocean, as well as its lively boardwalk, but there is one view some here say is not a pleasant one.

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“That’s what they have belts for, pull your pants up,” said Tiffani Rosado who was visiting the boardwalk from Vineland, “because nobody wants to see your butt.”

It’s a complaint Wildwood Mayor Ernie Troiano says he gets from folks all the time, people wearing their pants anywhere but their waistline.

“Especially parents, moms, grandmoms, especially grandmom,” said Mayor Troiano.

Those looking to make this fashion statement won’t be able to show off their pants, and underwear for that matter, on Wildwood’s boardwalk if updated rules are passed.

The Mayor says it’s all for decency and safety’s sake.

The proposed ordinance states shoes or flip-flops must be worn at all times, a shirt must be on between 8 p.m. and 5 a.m. and pants, swim shorts and skirts must not hang more than 3 inches past the person’s waist.

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“We think that it’s more appropriate to have your pants up, and not have your butt hanging out,” said Mayor Troiano, “have fun, but have a little bit of decency for the people around you.”
If people don’t follow the ordinance police will ask them to pull up their pants, put on a shirt, or put on foot protection.

If they refuse, they will be thrown off the boardwalk and issued a citation.

Some think the requirements are unnecessary.

“I just think it’s the beach and you’re here to do what you want, and you should be able to dress how you want,” said Jamie Mundell who was visiting from Pennsville.

The mayor says he, as well as City Commissioners, are in agreement about the ordinance, but they will hold an official vote on June 12th.

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