By John McDevitt

CHESTER COUNTY, Pa. (CBS) – It’s called “murderabilia” and it’s a phenomenon where people collect items from murders and then sell them on-line, which is exactly what one Chester County man is doing.

“There’s a big underground market for it,” 23-year-old Paul Duffy of Coatsville said.

Duffy’s Facebook page is called “Wholesale Murder.” He has pencil drawings by 80’s Philadelphia sex strangler Harrison Marty Graham and an item from notorious killer Charles Manson.

“Charles Manson’s official prison ID from Corcoran State Prison which is very sought after. I mean, I had officers on it, but I haven’t been able to let it go,” Duffy said.

There is opposition from those against profit from tragedy. Efforts are underway to try to have the Facebook site shut down.

“We don’t mean to hurt anybody,” Duffy said. “We are not throwing it in people’s faces. I sincerely care about these prisoners. They’re still people.”

Duffy says there is an interest in murderabilia because its taboo and morbid.