By Dan Wing

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – While many will make the tradition trek down to the Jersey Shore this Memorial Day weekend, not everybody will be leaving town. So what will they be up to?

To put it bluntly, not much.

A lot of people were planning to do what they always do on the weekend.

With the cooler temperatures and a threat of rain, many people at the Market East Station in Center City said they were going to forgo a trip to the beach and just take it easy instead.

“I’m not a big Jersey Shore person to tell you the truth,” said one commuter.

So what’s there to do instead?

“I’ll probably have a family barbeque with some friends, catch up with my grandkids, and clean up. That kind of stuff,” said another.

Of course that’s all contingent on the weather holding up, a reason many people said they won’t be heading to the shore.

A lot of others say they’ll be doing what they always do on the weekends – working.

Whatever the plans may be, many people were just hoping to get some warm and sunny weather soon.

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