PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Dom Giordano spoke with Donald Rumsfeld about his new book, Rumsfeld’s Rules.

Halfway through, Dom asked him about Benghazi, Guantanamo Bay and his reaction to the President’s speech on drones and defense Thursday.

“Bad news doesn’t get better with time,” Rumsfeld said about Benghazi. “The problem they’ve got is…they knew it was the anniversary of 9/11…they knew our people worried about the threat [in Benghazi]…and to go out and pretend it’s [a result of] a YouTube video or the result of a spontaneous demonstration…I just can’t imagine it.”

“My instinct is to defer judgment on it,” Rumsfeld did admit when pushed about Benghazi, though he seemed upset about the President’s trip to Las Vegas for a campaign speech immediately after the event.

And when Giordano questioned him about the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, Rumsfeld said that, “If people see weakness, they see an opportunity to take advantage of that.”

“The United States creates an impression of decline,” he continued. “The world will be a less safe, a less stable place [due to our withdrawal from Afghanistan].”

“Can you talk a little bit about how [Guantanamo Bay] has served us?” Giordano asked at one point.

“It’s served as a sort of detention place for people who were trying to get into the country illegally,” in previous administrations, Rumsfeld explained. But in recent years, it turned into a holding place for those deemed terrorists or a danger to the people of the United States.

“The people that are left [in Guantanamo now] are the worst of the worst,” Rumsfeld said, before saying the prison is “probably been among the best run prisons on the face of the Earth” and shouldn’t be closed.

Furthermore, Rumsfeld said he feels drones are a “valuable tool,” though “the President should probably work with the Congress to figure out” when they should be used.

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