by Todd Quinones

VINELAND, N.J., (CBS) – The victim’s daughter from a previous marriage lives in Vineland, New Jersey. She is outraged.

Loretta Burroughs, 61, openly sobbed in court on Friday when she was charged with the murder of her husband Daniel Burroughs (see previous story).

Loretta told police her husband ran off with his mistress six years ago, a story his devastated daughter never bought.

“To know that she’s kept him for six years is outrageous. It’s unbelievable. It’s indescribable, who does these things?” Carolyn Burroughs said.

Investigators returned to the Mays Landing home Loretta and Daniel shared when he disappeared in 2007.

They were looking for additional evidence.

Earlier on Friday, investigators searched Loretta’s current home in Ventnor.

That’s where authorities say they found the remains of 66-year-old Daniel Burroughs inside a closet.

He was stabbed to death.

“He was in her closet, really? The whole time she’s moved him from house to house? Why?” Carolyn Burroughs said.

Friends and family members of Daniel’s say a week or so after he was reported missing, Loretta tried selling his belongings, which made them suspicious.

“She said don’t worry about it, he’s not coming back,” Robert Valiante Sr. said.

“She put on the tears today and they are false. They’re tears of because now you know you are going to be in prison for the rest of your life. You got caught,” Valiante Sr. said.

Daniel’s family says police did investigate Daniel’s disappearance years ago, but the investigation stalled and the families push for answers went nowhere.

“They had no information, they had no leads, it was just a lot of running around in circles,” Daniel Burroughs’ granddaughter Amanda Costa said.

It was a tip from one of Daniel’s family members back in February that led investigators to reopen the case.

Loretta Burroughs has two prior convictions, one in Delaware County, Pa. for embezzlement and one for theft in New Jersey.