by Diana Rocco

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MIDDLETOWN, Pa., (CBS) –  An unwanted visitor roaming the streets of Bucks County.

A black bear has been spotted in Middletown Township, not once, but twice.

Residents are on the lookout.

“That’s about a 5-pound bear.   That’s huge.  We’ve never seen anything like that around here.  I’m here 40 years,” said Jay Kurko.

Police spotted the black bear twice Friday morning, but it wasn’t the first time.   Two days earlier he wandered through Jay’s yard.   He lives off Zimmerman Road and a neighbor took this photo.

“He has been here.  It’s a little scary,” said Kurko.

He says for the last couple weeks, neighbors have been hearing noises at night but they thought it was an intruder.   Turns out, it was.

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“Now we all pretty much realize it was the bear.  It’s mating season.  This bear is out looking.  He doesn’t belong in this area,” said Kurko.

“The bear was right where you see the mulch,” said neighbor Paul Leinheiser.

A block away on Midway Avenue, Paul’s daughter came face to face with a bear earlier this week when she let the dog out.

“It galloped across Zimmerman and went to the woods.  It was huge,” said Leinheiser.

The neighborhood woke up to overturned trash cans and garbage and they knew he had come back.

“I have four little kids in the house and we all have pets around here. It needs to move on,” said Leinheiser.

The bear has been tagged twice already and may have been put back into the wild at least once.  Police are now working with the Pennsylvania Game Commission to find this bear.

People are urged not to approach the bear if you see him, but to call 911.

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