By John Ostapkovich

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Many people have faced jarring shifts in their job prospects. A man who once bragged about making it rich now has advice on getting back on your feet after reality hits.

A younger Alan Corey wrote a book called A Million Bucks by 30 and then, thanks to the real estate crash, could have written Gone in 60 Seconds.

“I had to reinvent myself as a corporate man. You know, I started my job hunt at the worst time possible. I had to find these techniques to rebuild myself. I finally found a starting-salary job of $40,000, and within 24 months I was able to turn that into a $190,000 career,” Corey explains.

One of the techniques in Corey’s follow-up book, The Subversive Job Search: How to Overcome a Lousy Job, Sluggish Economy, and Useless Degree to Create a Six-Figure Career is to network like mad (no surprise there) but not as someone who can do it all.

Pick the thing you’re really good at and become the go-to person in that field. Then make sure you know what that go-to person can command in pay.

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