by Elizabeth Hur

CONCORD Twp., Pa., (CBS) – Caught in the act – A man easily gets into a car to take some stuff out, the problem is it wasn’t his!

3 is On Your Side with a warning about a casual thief on the loose.

“In the video, he didn’t seem to have a concern whatsoever. He was very cavalier about it, he took his time, was very deliberate about it and went from vehicle to vehicle. It’s bold and invasive.” Lou Girolami said.

As Concord Town Watch President, Girolami receives crime alerts from the state police everyday and he’s seeing an increase in car break-ins.

Girolami explained, “When the weather gets nicer, it always ends up picking up, that’s a given. We’re close to major highways here which also makes the access to our neighborhoods much easier than it used to be.”

Eyewitness News obtained surveillance video of the latest incident from the homeowner. It happened early Sunday morning along Huntingdon Farm Drive in Concord Township. It is clear the suspect takes his time and looks for cars left unlocked.

Girolami stressed, “Keep the doors and windows locked on your cars, use motion censor lights when you can, use lights inside your house when you can, keep your shrubberies below the window level when at all possible, make it as difficult as possible for someone to take your property.”

Girolami says these are simple steps for homeowners to remember for their protection.

Maureen Burke fell victim and while she says she wasn’t victimized in this latest round, she recognizes she can certainly use the reminders.

Burke said, “Sometimes I’ll leave it open thinking I am going back out again and not go back out and my car’s open all night. So sometimes when I get that reminder, I’ll just remember to lock it.”

The suspect in this case was described as a white male, 30 to 40-years-old, heavyset with ear-length hair.

Anyone with information is asked to call state police at 484-840-1000 or 911.

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