by Todd Quinones

LINWOOD, N.J. (CBS) – One year ago, the popular shore radio host and veteran advocate was murdered in side her home.  Just down the block from her home a public bench has been dedicated in her honor and to remind everyone her killer is still on the loose.

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It was an emotional moment as Chinese lanterns were released into the sky.

At a vigil, tears were shed for April Kauffman one year after she was found shot multiple times in the bedroom of the Linwood home she shared with her husband Dr. James Kauffman.

Her daughter from a previous marriage is still dealing with raw emotion.

“This has been the most difficult year of my life. I don’t think it’s easy to describe. I have been so numb this year,” Kimberly Pack said.

Many are angry her killer has not been caught.

The 47-year-old was a popular radio personality and strong advocate for veterans.

Her murder sent shockwaves throughout the community.

“She is always and will always be with us. No one and nothing can take that,” one woman who attended the vigil said.

The Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office told Eyewitness News on Friday the case is active and remains under investigation.

“Say a prayer that April’s murderer is captured and brought to justice,” Kauffman’s friend Harry Hurley said.

“You don’t know unless you’ve been through this yourself, but it’s absolutely just devastating I guess is the best word to use,” Pack said.

No one answered the door at the Kauffman home.  Neighbors say Dr. James Kauffman is out of town.