By Cherri Gregg

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A graduate of Haverford High School, Cornell University, and the Wharton Business School, Amy Perez was 46 years old when her estranged husband brutally bludgeoned her to death and shot and killed their two children (Molly, 10, and Gregory, 8) in the couple’s West Chester, NY home 18 months ago.

He then killed himself.

“My sister Amy was the sweetest kindest woman, you could ever meet,” says Jill Gobora, who lives in Newtown, Pa.  “She was kind to a fault, highly intelligent, a good mother, and a great sister.”

Gobora says the family was devastated to lose Amy but wanted to honor her and her children.

“We wanted to continue her legacy of helping low-income students to enrich their lives,” says Gobora.

(Amy Perez Friedlander and her children, Gregory and Molly, in family photo.)

(Amy Perez and her children, Gregory and Molly, in family photo.)

Gobora says Amy had started an SAT preparation business and had planned to offer her services for free for students who needed it.  Gobora teamed up with Amy’s best friend, Patti Cush, and they started “Amy’s Kisses” last October, near the one-year anniversary of Amy’s murder.

“She was the smartest woman either of us will ever know,” says Cush. “We have been lucky to tap into Amy’s network of friends from around the country.  She has close friends from Haverford High School, from Cornell, from West Chester, New York, and we hope to help kids in need from all of those areas.”

In the roughly seven months since founding Amy’s Kisses, the duo has been busy.

“We have more than 300 ‘likes’ on our Facebook page, we’ve sponsored our first Philadelphia Futures scholar,” says Cush. “We were able to hold a school supply drive and match those donations to give to Philadelphia Futures.”

They’ve also raised $10,000 and are planning a Fun Run in June to raise more.

“They will always be not just with us,” says Cush, “but with students they are helping.”

“We can not let her ex-husband have the last word,” adds Gobora.

The Amy’s Kisses Fun Walk will take place on June 2nd at Tyler Park in Newtown, Pa.  For more info, go to


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