By Mike Dunn

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — One week after the Nutter administration unveiled the formula used to create new property assessments, City Council members say they’re not satisfied and want to dig deeper.

Councilman at-large David Oh says questions abound over the accuracy of the new assessments, and he says the methodology released last week did not clear up how the new property values were calculated.

So, Council this morning approved a resolution sponsored by Oh authorizing the use of subpoenas to get specifics on a sampling of 20,000 properties across the city, “to get the data set that was used, so that we can see exactly how the assessments were done, and so that we can verify that they are accurate and done properly,” according to Oh.

The city’s Office of Property Assessment says the number of inaccurate assessments falls within industry standards, and anyone who believes their value is wrong can appeal.