W CONSHOHOCKEN, Pa. (CBS) – Police in West Conshohocken are warning residents of a water department imposter who entered the home of an elderly female and want to remind residents to call 911 if an unknown person knocks on your door.

The incident occurred on Tuesday in the 100 block of Moorehead Avenue.

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According to police, an 89-year-old female let a male, who claimed to be from the water department, into her home.

Police say the victim looked at the suspect’s ID tag, which had a photo of him and said “Water Department” on it, and allowed him into her basement.

Allegedly, the suspect, who identified himself as “Bob” stood on one side of the basement and instructed her to turn the water on and off while she stood on the other side of the basement. The victim says the suspect also allegedly used his cell phone to call someone while they were in the basement. The suspect then went upstairs, ran out of a side door and kept running towards Front Street, says police.

Authorities say nothing seemed to be disturbed, but police received a phone call from the victim’s sister later that day asking for officers to return to the victim’s residence.

Police say the sister told officers that two of her small safes were missing when she got home and a third safe was open with pry marks around the handle and lock. Officials report two of the safes were found under a bed and one was found on the floor.

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Through investigation, police say witnesses saw two men were seen walking up and down Moorehead Avenue about three times in nicely dressed clothes.

One male was about 5-foot-9, wearing a purple colored dress shirt, dark glasses and Bluetooth in his ear and was seen making contact with the 89-year-old victim.

The second male was about 5-foot-7 or 5-foot-8 and had on a grey dress shirt with different colored cuffs.

Police say Aqua Water Company is the supplier for the block where this incident took place.

Police also say utilities companies will notify homeowners before arriving at homes and to call 911 if an unknown person knocks on your door.

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