By David Madden

TRENTON, N.J. (CBS) — People on both sides of the gun control issue today jammed a New Jersey state senate hearing room where a series of reforms sought by Democrats are being considered this week in committee.

Those supporting universal background checks, lower ammo limits, and similar gun safety measures were vastly outnumbered at the spirited, sometimes raucous session here by those seeking to protect their right to own and carry a weapon.

One witness, Dr. Joseph Chuman, was booed when he insisted the Second Amendment is not set in stone.

“Virtually all rights are subject to modification and regulation when they conflict with other rights,” he said.

NRA official Darin Goens took note of who wasn’t at the hearing:

“You don’t see the criminals.  You don’t see the drug dealers.  And you know why you don’t see them? Because they don’t care what you pass. They’re going to continue to break the law.”

Whatever comes out of two days of hearings here will have to be reconciled with efforts in the Assembly, followed by talks with the governor’s office.