By Tony Hanson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — After approximately six weeks of trial, testimony and argument, the jury in the murder trial of abortion Doctor Kermit Gosnell is about to begin deliberations.

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They have heard and seen all the evidence (the often gruesome and disturbing evidence), heard the attorneys’ arguments. Now, the judge will instruct jurors on the laws as they apply to this case. Then, deliberations will begin, probably later Tuesday.

The jury will be considering hundreds of counts, led by five counts of murder (four babies allegedly born alive during abortions and one woman who died during an abortion). Other charges include conspiracy and performing abortions past 24 weeks. This is the only charge conceded by the defense.

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The defense argued the babies were not born alive, and the woman’s death was an accident, resulting from an adverse reaction to medicine.

During closing arguments Monday, prosecutor Edward Cameron turned to the 72-year-old Doctor Kermit Gosnell and asked, “Are you human?” He told the jury Gosnell medicated the women and then killed the babies born alive. Cameron added, Gosnell “doesn’t deserve to be called human.”

Cameron argued Gosnell was the captain of that hell and the prosecutor urged jurors to be the voice of the victims.

But, defense attorney Jack McMahon argued there was a rush to judgment, a knee-jerk reaction that the “house of horrors” doctor is guilty. And he urged the jury to stand up to the pressure and rhetoric, to look at the lack of evidence, and find Gosnell not guilty.

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