By Larry Kane

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – On two fronts some serious political movement.

Sources in the U.S. Senate tell KYW Newsradio that Republican Senator Pat Toomey from Pennsylvania and his Democratic counterpart Joe Manchin of West Virginia, think they may have the votes to try and pass the legislation to intensify gun background checks that was recently defeated in the Senate.

The bill, a first effort at gun control bipartisanship went down because of a lack of Democratic votes.

Back home, with businessman Tom Knox vowing to spend as much money as necessary to become mayor (see related story), all eyes are turning to the other potential candidates who have not committed yet to the 2015 race. They include Councilmen Bill Green and Jim Kenney, Council President Darrell Clarke and State Senator Tony Williams.

The council members, under the city charter, have to quit council to run. The mayoral primary is two years off, but in a four or five way race, early fundraising — even for current campaign committees — can make a difference.

One interesting side show: millionaire Knox and Councilman Green are good friends. Sources report it is doubtful they would oppose each other.