by Jenn Bernstein

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Exton, Pa., (CBS) – Police arrested and charged 36-year-old Brian Burke Wednesday for an alleged road rage incident last week.

Burke is charged with robbery, theft, and assault after police say he became angry, punched a woman in the face, and stole her glasses while on the Route 100 exit ramp off of Route 30 Eastbound in Exton.

The victim – Gail Edgell, who spoke exclusively to Eyewitness News – says she put on her blinker and pulled into the right hand turn lane next to her on the ramp, when she noticed the driver behind her become enraged.

“The guy behind me threw up his hands and was basically starting to swear at me I could see it in the rear view mirror,” said Edgell.

Sitting waiting for the light to turn green, Edgell didn’t think anything of it, until she saw the driver get out of his truck, which she described as a mid-1980’s Dodge Ram 50 pick-up.

He then came directly towards her.

“Before I knew it, within twenty seconds he was at my window,” said Edgell, “he swore at me and said that I gave him the finger, and as he was doing that he punched me right in the forehead with his fist and took my glasses.”

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After his fit of rage, Edgell said he stomped back to his truck and took off.

Edgell says she tried to follow him, but decided to pull over since she didn’t have her glasses.

“He was on a mission, this man is very, very dangerous,” said Edgell, “If he had a knife or a gun he would have killed me.  If my window would have been up he would have kicked it in.”

West Whiteland Police Department released a sketch and the type of truck hoping to get tips.

They did.

Police arrested Burke this afternoon.

“One of the tips that came in identified a car that may have been involved in the incident and that car led to a person,” said Detective Scott Pezick.

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Burke was taken to Chester County Prison on $75,000 bail.