By Robin Culverwell

By Robin Culverwell

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – For the fifth straight year, a pair of Red Tailed Hawks is nesting on a windowsill at the Franklin Institute.

“We were quite curious as to whether they would return as a pair,” says Franklin Institute President and CEO Dennis Wint.

For hawk fans this is very exciting; three eggs on the nest on an east-facing windowsill of the Franklin Institute.

“Last year, the adult male was struck and killed by a vehicle along 676. It happened while he was hunting just days after the eggs hatched. A ‘step dad’ arrived to bring food and time off for mom. And it appears he’s back,” explains Wint.

He says a camera, mounted inside, allows fans all over the world to watch the birds in real time.

“They can log onto the institute’s website and get a full view looking into the nest of the hawks. So it gives a unique view to those who are interested in the hawks’ behavior,” Wint explains.

Each of the past four years has seen three hatchlings fledge. This year hatching is expected around the first week of May.