By Oren Liebermann

NORRISTOWN, Pa. (CBS) — Two children are recovering in the hospital after a fire at an apartment in Montgomery County.

The blaze broke out around 12:45 p.m. Sunday along the 100 block of East Marshall Street in Norristown. Firefighters arrived on scene a short time later and found two toddlers inside a first floor bedroom in the rear of the apartment. They say the children were home alone.

Officials say the fire started in the kitchen.

“It looks like the fire started on top of the stove,” said Norristown Fire Chief Tom O’Donnell. “We’re still investigating that. That’s preliminary.”

Neighbors say the children are twin boys. They were airlifted to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia while firefighters brought the blaze under control. Officials say the children suffered smoke inhalation and burns to their throats. The condition of the children was not immediately known.

In addition to trying to determine the cause of the fire, authorities are investigating to see why the children were left alone in the apartment. The mother was taken into police custody and was being questioned. She has not yet been charged.