By Molly Daly

By Molly Daly

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Thousands of people turned out Saturday for the 3rd annual Science Carnival on the Ben Franklin Parkway. KYW’s Molly Daly was there.

Under a blue sky dotted with cumulus clouds — well, it is a science festival after all — families could visit more than 150 interactive exhibits, ranging from a look at a robot’s innards, to meeting live animals, to testing a crime scene for forensic evidence.

A lot of the booths gave kids, like Daeja, a chance to make stuff:

“I really liked this one the best out of all of them, because you get to make a bouncy ball, and now I have a ball I can play with,” said Daeja.

Madison had a high opinion of science:

“I like science because science is….better than nurses.”

Yes, she said ‘better than nurses.’ Which came as a surprise to her mom:

“I shouldn’t tell you I’m going to school to be a nurse.”