by Todd Quinones

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Police say a two-year-old was hospitalized following a hit-and-run in South Philadelphia on Thursday night.

According to police the two-year-old boy darted out into traffic and ran right in front of the SUV.   However, the driver didn’t wait around for police to arrive.

New surveillance video of the black SUV that hit the little two-year-old boy could help track down the driver.

The incident happened at about 4 p.m. at Broad and Tasker Streets.

A two-year-old and his mom were walking into this Philadelphia Gas Works office, and the little boy got away from his mom.

“He just ran out. Then his mom came and chased him. I think that’s when he got hit by the car,” said eyewitness Bob Spalding.

Just before the driver of the SUV was recorded driving away, police say she did stop and even asked the mother if the child was okay.

The driver is described as a white female about 50-years-old.

The child was rushed to chop with an injured leg.

Investigators have been speaking with eyewitnesses as well as collecting surveillance video hoping it will lead to a quick resolution.

Police have a message for the driver.

“The right thing for you to do and the wise thing for you to do is to go to Accident Investigation immediately, and resolve this.  Sooner or later we’ll be at your door,” Philadelphia Police Inspector Joe Sullivan said.

The two-year-old did not sustain life threatening injuries.  He was listed in stable condition at CHOP.