6:10 The Boston Marathon was marred by two explosions, killing as many as three and wounding over 100 people.

6:18 Andrew McCarthy says it it too early to draw conclusions about the Boston bombings.

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7:10 Chris talks to Andrew McCarthy, from National Review, about the media jumping to conclusions about who is to blame for the attack at the Boston Marathon.

7:39 Chris talks to Police Chief Charles Ramsey about Philadelphia’s readiness to deal with a similar attack.

7:42 Chris talks to Will Mullen, of Malvern, who participated in the Boston Marathon yesterday.

8:11 Chris talks to James Hirsen, the Entertainment Writer at Newsmax, to discuss Saturday Night Live’s take on the gun control compromise.

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8:48 Pat Toomey is being compared to Arlen Specter after co-sponsoring a bill for background checks on gun purchases.

8:58 Tax Day usually sets off a panic.

9:11 Chris talks to Patrick Fitzpatrick, from the Plumstead Christian School, about hosting Tim Tebow for their Founders Forum Dinner last night.

Tim Tebow (Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images)

Tim Tebow (Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images)

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9:40 Chris talks to Dale Perkel, Director of Social Work at du Pont-Nemours Childrens Hospital.