by Dray Clark

NEW CASTLE, Del., (CBS) – Forty members of the Delaware Running Club returned home Tuesday from Boston on a charter bus.

The club has been organizing trips to the marathon for the past 35 years, but this year would be one they’ll never forget because of the deadly bombings.

Most of the club runners had either already finished the race or were still running when the explosions happened.

Some members say they were on the club’s bus three blocks away when they heard the explosion.

There was immediate panic and worry because some family members had assembled near the finish line where the explosions occurred.

Eventually everyone was accounted for but it was still emotional for the runners who kept asking themselves why would someone do something so evil.

Dr. Jim Funk was running his first Boston Marathon.  He wasn’t able to finish because authorities stopped the race because of the explosions.

“The police said we had to stop because they believed there were bombs along the running route,” said Funk.

He was also worried about friends and family members at the finish line.

“I knew we had quite a few people in that area so I wasn’t sure what we were going to face,” said Funk.

Tuesday everyone returned home safe.  Some members say they will go back to the marathon next year if they qualify.