by Lesley Van Arsdall

Sixers Coach Doug Collins may have informed the team that he will not be returning next season, but has yet to speak with the media.  That will come Thursday after the teams final game in Indiana.  I know the team was a disaster this season, but it wasn’t all his fault.

The season fell apart do numerous injuries, mainly, Andrew Bynum who didn’t play a single game all season.   Later, Thad Young and Jason Richardson were hurt, that didn’t help.

I can’t help but feel bad for him.  Doug is a good guy, not only great with the media but with the fans.  Before Monday’s game in Detroit he was signing autographs.  When was the last time you saw a coach do that?

Over the summer I was in line behind him when he was grabbing a coffee.  Let me tell you, he knew everything about everyone in the place.  Asking about their kids, nephews, how the cashier’s mother was feeling… this was a guy that cares.  In fact that was part of the problem with him as a coach, he may have cared too much, and many say the players chose to tune him out.

It’s a sad state of the NBA when caring about your team turns out to be a bad thing.