By John McDevitt

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia mayor Michael Nutter today was expressing his outrage about the latest gun death in the city: the fatal shooting yesterday of a student bystander at an Overbrook playground (see related stories).

“I am certainly very, very saddened,” the mayor said today.  “Our hearts go out to the family, and we will try to help them as best we can.”

(McDevitt:)   “Are you angry?”

(Nutter:)   “Of course I’m angry.  I’m angry anytime anyone gets hurt in this city, whether it be by guns or any other method.  You know, it’s about violence.  It’s about the culture of violence, and a mindset in that regard.  So, yes, of course I’m angry, but I’m also focused on trying to do something about it.”

Nutter says the proliferation of illegal guns in the city is much too great, adding that shootings are the leading cause of death in Philadelphia.

“People are focused — properly so — on Sandy Hook, Tucson, and Aurora,” Nutter told KYW Newsradio, “but we also need to stay focused on Overbrook and West Philly and North Philly and South Philly and Northwest, and every otter section of the city where senseless gun violence can take lives from us that are precious.”