By Dr. Marciene Mattleman

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – April is National Poetry Month and I generally find a favorite. This time it’s Karol Wasylyshyn, and her beautiful book, Escaping The Corner, with other tales of leaders, leading and loving, and dazzling illustrations, published by Truenorth Press.

Wasylyshyn coaches executives and uses free verse to reveal the habits and relationships of business leaders, of their triumphs and turmoil, but her words resonate with anyone reflecting on the vagaries of life.

The “Man in the Mirror,” who looks and sees an old sagging face then realizing it’s he. Another “Running on Empty,’ setting the table, yet serving himself. “An Homage to Mark,” I am only as certain as all the uncertainties, and “Gone,” with another friend gone, is let lose, veering between a wild stallion and nun.

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