By Cherri Gregg

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Eudora Burton loves to lend a hand.  This mother of eight has always been the “go-to” person in her church and community.

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“I’ve always helped anyone that needed help,” says the woman often referred to fondly as Miss Eudora.

Miss Eudora is a housing services specialist at Nurse Family Partnership.  Her job is to find housing for first-time moms with modest means.

“We all had to start from somewhere,” she says.  “If nobody gives you a chance, you would never have an opportunity to be successful.”

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Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, Burton has lived in Philadelphia more than three decades.  And there were tough times, so she began collecting information on programs that could provide help.

All along, Burton shared that information with others to help them.  And for the past five years, she’s been getting paid to do what she’s always done.

“This job is more than just money to me– it’s my passion, my love for helping people,” she says.

So it’s no surpise that what Miss Eudora does goes far beyond her job description.  It ranges from motherly advice to friendship to moral support, and much more.

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“I’ve helped 371 moms directly,” she says.  “But I think they share the information with other moms, so 371 can turn into over a thousand.”

Sophie Zamore is one of the mothers touched by Miss Eudora’s kindess.  Two years ago, she discovered she was pregnant and on her own.

“I didn’t have my family close by, so I needed somebody,” says Zamore (below left).

(Miss Eudora gets a hug from Sophie Zamore, left.   Photo by Cherri Gregg)

(Miss Eudora gets a hug from Sophie Zamore, left. Photo by Cherri Gregg)


Zamore was referred to the Nurse Family Partnership, where she was assigned a nurse.  The nurse referred Zamore to Miss Eudora for extra support.

“I can call her anytime, and we have lunch and we talk about anything,” says Zamore. “And if I have a problem with a bill and need some help, she connects me with resources.  And if it has nothing to do with Nurse Family Partnership, she helps me anyhow.”

Zamore is currently a graduate student at Peirce College, working on a degree in leadership.  Her daughter, Jennifer, is now two years old and thriving.

“I’m no longer afraid,” says Zamore. “I know if I need anything, I can call Miss Eudora.”

And Miss Eudora says she’ll be right there.

“When you first see a mom, it’s like watching a piece of coal turn into a diamond,” she says. “And I get to say, ‘Wow I was able to contribute.’ ”

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