By Todd Quinones

GALLOWAY Twp., N.J., (CBS) – For more than two decades Fred Hart’s family has suffered, never knowing who killed him.

“It’s like it’s brand new even though it’s 23 years later, this is like it’s brand new for us,” Hart’s step sister Kathryn Fonash said.

She had no idea who killed her little step brother Freddie Hart, until 41-year-old Steven Goff suddenly emerged, apparently solving a painful 23 year long mystery.

Hart, from Galloway Township, N.J., was just 15 years old when he disappeared in 1990.

His remains were discovered in the woods behind the Clubs Condominiums more than a year later.

He was stabbed multiple times.

“It’s fresh. It’s like we just lost him again,” a tearful Fonash said.

Prosecutors allege Goff, out of the clear blue turned himself in to Galloway Township Police early Monday morning.

Exactly why isn’t clear because prosecutors aren’t saying.

The 41-year-old who is now facing murder was in court on Tuesday.

“I’m prepared to enter a guilty plea right here. Now… I did the crime. I’m prepared to do what I got to do,” Goff said in court.

Neighbors say Goff lived in a basement apartment in Ventnor.

“Anybody who has even known him slightly, I don’t think would be surprised. When he would get angry he would scream and holler,” one woman said.

On a blog he wrote Steven Goff reference the time he went to jail in 1990 for an unrelated conspiracy to commit burglary charge.

By Goff coming forward Fred’s step sister says it reopened wounds, but also brought some relief, believing other children may no longer be in danger.

“I don’t know why he decided to come through now and do this, but I’m glad he did,” Fonash said.

Kathryn says her step brother was a kind, generous and terrific kid. She says she doesn’t know if he knew Steven Goff, who would’ve been 18 years old at the time of the murder.

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