BROOKLAWN, N.J. (CBS) – Police say an 80-year-old woman was carjacked after eating Easter breakfast with her family.

The incident occurred around 10:40 a.m. Sunday outside of the Metro Diner, located at 100 Route 130 in Brooklawn, New Jersey.

According to police, the suspect was caught on surveillance video robbing a Rite-Aid, located next to the diner on Saturday.

Police say when the suspect attempted to return the stolen products Sunday morning, the cashier recognized him from the surveillance tape.

After being recognized, the suspect allegedly fled the pharmacy and ran to Metro Diner where he pulled 80-year-old Cass Hodge out of her gray, 2008 Honda Accord.

“I’m just hollering, you know, leave me alone, leave me alone,” said Hodge. “I’m fighting for him not to take it, but I was trying real damn hard, but that’s when he shoved me out and I fell on the ground.”

Hodge injured her knee, elbow and shoulder and suffered a bruise on her foot.

Police say the suspect was last seen driving northbound on Route 130 toward Camden.

“My daughter is riding down (Route) 130 and my car goes in front of her, around, in front of another car,” Hodge said. “But she says to her husband, ‘that looks like mom’s car, but I know that’s not mom’s car,’ because she seen a guy in the car.”

The suspect (seen in surveillance photo above) made off with Hodge’s purse which had about $70, her cellphone and camera in it. He has been described as a white male in his late 20’s with facial hair on his chin and a lip piercing. He was wearing a gray hoodie with the hood up, black baseball cap, blue jeans and black sneakers.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Brooklawn Police Department at 856-456-0750.