By Tony Romeo

HARRISBURG Pa. (CBS)  —  On the day after the School Reform Commission passed a preliminary budget that seeks 120 million in extra state dollars, Governor Corbett isn’t immediately ruling out some extra state money for Philadelphia schools.

But he says the SRC’s request is dead on arrival without pension reform.

Governor Corbett’s initial response was a “no comment”.

He said the administration had gotten no advance notice that the SRC would be seeking so much money from the state.

When asked if there was a chance city schools would get any more money, he added, “I’m not going to so no, but I’m not going to say yes, either. How’s that for answer?”

Even though  he left the door open a crack for now, he says that door will slam shut if the legislature does not enact pension reform for state employees and teachers.

Governor Corbett says, “if we don’t get pension reform, I can tell you there would be no chance at this point in time. But even with pension reform, that kind of additional money would be very difficult.”

The governor notes that the $120 million extra dollars sought by city schools eclipses the $90 million dollar increase in his proposed budget for schools statewide.