By Ian Bush

By Ian Bush

LINDENWOLD, N.J. (CBS) – You might not hear the difference on the phone, but 9-1-1 in Camden County has gotten a major upgrade.

Emergency responders have a tough job, but it’s a lot harder when they can’t communicate with each other. That was a major technology criticism across the country after 9/11.

In Camden County, though, freeholder Scott McCray says police, firefighters, and medics are connected.

“First responders across the county have the 700 MHZ radios that can talk across the county — whether it be at the Pinelands, at the Camden Waterfront, a bank vault somewhere,” says McCray.

The $35 million system also updates the county 911 center in Lindenwold. McCray says it prioritizes emergencies as calls come in.

“It increases the call quality, bandwidth, and essentially gives the opportunity for first responders to respond accurately and more efficiently,” McCray explains.

Vorhees is the first to get plugged in, with other towns to be added in the coming months.