By Ian Bush

By Ian Bush

WOODBURY, N.J. (CBS) — When she was born, Teddy Roosevelt was president.  Today, a South Jersey woman is celebrating quite a milestone.

Mabel Wilson turned 110 years young today, and she joins an elite club.

(Wilson:) “What do you call it, centenarian?”

(Bush:) “Supercentenarian.”

(Wilson:) “Oh, supercentenarian!”

(Bush:) “That’s even better than a centenarian.”

(Wilson:) “Yes, I hear that.”

Growing up, her heart was full — as was her stomach.

“All we did was eat and sleep,” she recalls.  “We had plenty of food.  And my mother saw to it that we always were happy.”

She uses a cell phone, but hasn’t been on Twitter or Facebook.

(Wilson:)  “Facebooking? What do you mean?”

(Bush:)  “You didn’t miss anything.”

(Wilson:)  “All right.”

And Wilson has some advice for those of us with only two digits in our age.  For one, be humble.

(Wilson:)  “There’s nothing to know about me.  What do I amount to?”

(Bush:)  “I think people can learn a lot from you.”

(Wilson:) “Just behave yourself and be decent to people, and be honest and fair and square.  That’s all I ever knew to do.”

And as to whether 110 is the new 80:  “Oh, eighty — I don’t know. I feel good, I really do.”

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