By Mike Dunn

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Mayor Nutter delivers his new budget to City Council tomorrow morning, and city workers who’ve been without a new contract for four years are expected to pack the chamber. Nutter knows they won’t be cheering.

The city’s two non-uniformed unions, District Councils 33 and 47, will be there in full force at the budget speech to voice their displeasure with the long-stalled contract talks.

They’re also furious with the mayor’s recent decision to ask the state supreme court to allow him to impose terms on the unions in lieu of a contract. Nutter says he’s hoping for some decorum:

“Obviously people have a right, and certainly our union employees have a right to express themselves. I would hope that the members individually and certainly their leaders would respect the City Council chambers.”

Also turning out will be supporters of a plan for mandatory paid sick leave, which is up for a final vote. Nutter opposes that measure and they’re expected to voice their displeasure as well.