By Tony Hanson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A former senior judge of the Philadelphia Traffic Court today pleaded guilty to his part in a widespread ticket-fixing scandal.

Nine current or former judges have been charged (see related story), and former judge Fortunato Perri Sr. is now the third to plead guilty (another related story).

Philadelphia prosecutor Denise Wolf told the court that Perri routinely assisted in fixing tickets for friends and associates, helping them reduce or eliminate fines and avoid points.  And in return, she tells KYW Newsradio, “he received a stream of benefits — notably free car repairs, free food, free videos, and various landscaping and other services.”

Wolf says the evidence included recorded conversations.  She says that Perri told one businessman for whom he was fixing tickets, when he sees the businessman’s company name attached to a ticket, “It’s gold.”

The 76-year-old defendant is free on bail.  He is scheduled to be sentenced in June.