By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Freddie Mitchell always talked a lot more than he played … and that was when he played. Now, Freddie Mitchell just talks.

But the Phillies haven’t started playing for real, the Sixers stopped playing for real about six weeks ago, and if you want a preview of the Flyers big week, we’ve got that here. So some Freddie Mitchell news will do.

Mitchell was a surprised guest on the WIP Morning Show today, and was his normal Freddie self.

“The thing about it is, you can’t fool the fans and I love that. Any real fans knows that—and could see that, there is nothing on Freddie Mitchell that says he ever dropped the ball or anything else, or he didn’t have the talent or whatever else,” Mitchell said.  “The Eagles, they controlled the media, but they couldn’t control the fans and that’s what I love about it. Every time I go out, I get mad love is shown. It’s not like I was dropping balls or I wasn’t doing my job. I’ll even tell you what, if my feet had gloves I’d probably be a Pro-Bowler.”

Mitchell has never been a particularly big supporter of Donovan McNabb, and that hasn’t changed much either.

“You don’t like McNabb, right?,” he was asked by WIP’s Rhea Hughes. “It’s not that I … well, yeah you’re right.”

He also called McNabb cheap. “Donovan is in Philly too. I heard Donovan is in Philly giving out $5 tips and stuff. 20% Donovan, 20% now. Come on brother,” he said.


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