By Phran Novelli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – What’s fun for children at The Flower Show?

Well, there’s a Kids’ Zone where they can relax and play; and Sunday, March 10th, is Family Day, but really, there’s fun stuff for them to enjoy all through the Show everyday.

The grand floral entrance gates and Big Ben for a start, and they lead you back to where kids can check out the Hats competition, or as they’re called this year, the ‘crown jewels’ – crowns made of flowers. Nearby, kids all seem to be fascinated by an enormous stainless steel bowl with peek-a-boo holes that reveal intensely-colorful bouquets arranged inside.

Have the kids look up in the air for white puffs as you pass the smokehouse in one exhibit, and continue on to the far corner of the Show to find the big wooden shoes planted among the Dutch bulb garden.

Young people will enjoy seeing the student exhibits from various schools on your way to the Camden Children’s Garden display. Then it’s on into the Horticourt, where kids won’t get fidgety passing by so many pots of plants on parade if you remind them to keep an eye out for all the crazy cacti, happy-faced orchids, two dresses fashioned from foliage, and the absolutely adorable topiary lion that’s right at child-height.

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