By Mike Dunn

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Philadelphia condo residents are apparently in the dumps over three-year old regulations requiring that all dumpsters be registered. The matter came up in a city council hearing this past week.

City Council and the Mayor back in 2010 decided that all dumpsters, even those on private property, must be registered and tagged with a radio-frequency device.

This was prompted by repeated problems with wayward overflowing dumpsters in Center City alleys. This past week representatives of condos urged Council members to back off on the requirements.

James Giblin of the Kennedy House said the rules are salt in the larger wound of having to pay for private trash pick-up. “The inequity has grown, to the fact that now, on our own property, we have to pay not only to have the trash removed, but to have medallions on it.”

But the sponsor of the 2010 regulations, Councilman Bill Green, argued that the new system is working well in reigning in unsightly dumpsters and the proposed gutting of his measure was tabled.

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