By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Eagles head coach Chip Kelly says he hasn’t decided who the starting quarterback will be in 2013. That Michael Vick, Nick Foles, Dennis Dixon, and whomever else is on the roster will have an equal chance to earn the job in training camp.

LeSean McCoy has already made his decision.

“I think Michael Vick is the starting quarterback,” McCoy told “People forget, this is Michael Vick. He’s got a lot to prove this year, but he’s ready to roll. He knows people are questioning if he can get it done, and he’s gonna prove this year he can.”

There were rumors that Andy Reid and the Kansas City Chiefs were interested in trading for Foles, but those rumors were quieted when the Chiefs agreed to a deal to acquire 49ers quarterback Alex Smith.

Vick restructured his contract  to remain with the Eagles. Chip Kelly’s read option offense favors a mobile quarterback, which Vick still is, though not quite as mobile as he used to be. Kelly’s offense also counts on the quarterback to not turn the ball over, which Vick hasn’t been adept at. There’s also the question of Vick’s injury history, and an offense that will likely subject him to more hits than he’s used to.

Still, McCoy thinks the Eagles can win it all with Vick under center. “Oh my God yes,” McCoy said.



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