For the fourth time, Rob Ellis is the winner of the Great Birds Debate.

It was a narrow victory for Ellis, who tallied 30.1% of the over 90,000 votes edging out Ike Reese (29.9%) and Angelo Cataldi (28.9%).

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The 6th annual Great Birds Debate took place on Thursday at Chickie’s and Pete’s in South Philadelphia.

Angelo Cataldi, Al Morganti, Michael Barkann, Ike Reese, Glen Macnow, Rob Ellis, Howard Eskin, CBS3’s Beasley Reece and’s Dave Spadaro took the stage to debate issues regarding the Eagles, their future, Michael Vick, and new head coach Chip Kelly.

Listen to the podcast:

PHOTO GALLERY: The 6th Annual Great Birds Debate

Some quotes from this year’s opening statements:

“You know what sports is about in our city. Sports is about hope … the Philadelphia Eagles had no chance last season. They had no chance the season before. Next year, they will have a chance to make the playoffs.” – Michael Barkann

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“The Eagles are in a great position to reinvent themselves. Chip Kelly and Howie Roseman have a year or two to recast this franchise. I don’t know if they have the instinct to do what they need to do.” – Glen Macnow

“I come here with great humility and excitement. My apologies on behalf of the entire organization. The desire to win the super bowl is greater than it’s ever been. There is no question that everyone in the Philadelphia Eagles organization has a lot to prove moving forward.” – Dave Spadaro

“It happens to be “me time” for Nnamdi Asomugha. Nnamdi Asomugha represents everything that is wrong with the Philadelphia Eagles and the Andy Reid administration.” – Angelo Cataldi

“The positives are, Chip Kelly, a new beginning, a fresh start, the coming of Spring. It’s not what they do at quarterback, it’s defense, it’s the secondary, it’s the linebackers, it’s the defensive line.” – Beasley Reece

“You’ve been done wrong for a very long time in this town by this football team, and it needs to be fixed right now. Not two weeks, not two months. A vote for me, is a vote for you.” – Rob Ellis

“This debate has turned into a shameless baiting for votes. That’s not what I’m here for. Rob Ellis only won because he has the sympathy vote. Michael Vick is the wrong decision for Chip Kelly, and I don’t believe he’ll be the starting quarterback.” – Howard Eskin

“As the original Eagles sports debate winner here, I did injustice to you, the fanbase the last three or four years. I love Rob Ellis, which is why I’ve shown him sympathy the last few years. I’m here to reclaim what’s rightfully mine.” – Ike Reese

“I see you brought all your girlfriends, I assume they’re in the trunk of the car in the parking lot. When I watch Oregon, I’m jacked for the game. This is going to be the new wave. You have a chance with Chip Kelly to change everything.” – Al Morganti

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