By Tony Hanson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Jury deliberations have begun in the trial of the alleged Kensington rapist, who is charged with raping three women, and a fourth alleged rape during an eight day period in late 2011.

The jury heard from the defendant and closing arguments, before deliberating briefly on Friday and retiring for the weekend.

Prosecutor Jack O’Neill has argued the evidence, including the testimony of the four victims, DNA and other physical evidence goes beyond reasonable doubt; it’s a certainty defendant Marcos Camacho committed these crimes.

According to O’Brien, Camacho, who testified in his own defense, has denied what he can and admitted what he must.

Camacho denies any contact with three of the women, but admits to consensual sex with one of them; in that case there is DNA.

But defense attorney Alfonso Gambone says Camacho cooperated with authorities.

Gambone has challenged the alleged victims, saying all had drug addictions or were prostitutes, and there are inconsistencies and oddities in their statements that Gambone says just don’t make sense.