By Phran Novelli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – If not roses for your Valentine, how about Primroses? Not actually roses at all, Primula vulgaris are pretty little flowering plants that can be happy inside for now, and planted outside later in a shady spot.

Native to Europe, they’re particularly popular in English gardens and are known as English Primroses, and one of the first signs of spring in March. Primrose leaves look sort of lettucey to me, and make a nice green background to the bright flower colors ranging from white and blue to yellow, pink, and red too. And this time of year, you often see little pots of Primroses in the grocery store for just a few dollars. So, if you’re running late, low on cash, or find that most stores have run out of roses for Valentine’s Day, try bringing your sweetheart Primroses instead.

If your Valentine’s a gardener, chances are he or she will be happy to have a gift that can be planted outside after winter, only to rebloom next spring as a reminder of your enduring love.

Not bad for a last-minute gift from the supermarket.

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