By Hadas Kuznits

By Hadas Kuznits

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Have you ever expected a wedding invitation from a friend, but then didn’t get one? Now, there’s a new trend that might be even more awkward than simply not getting an invite. Imagine getting a “novite.”

“It’s sending people instead of invites, novites,” says wedding planner Rachel Hansen of Creative Eventology in Drexel Hill. “So just coming out and saying, you’re not invited, whether you want to put a reason on there or not, but just saying, don’t expect and invitation.”

Hansen says the ‘novite’ is a trend she does not endorse.

“I think it’s just bad etiquette. I think a better way would be just to tell somebody.”

She believes it arose from social media updates, “Because everyone knows everyone’s business.  It’s on Facebook, they know you’re engaged so they obviously know you’re wedding planning if you’re updating your status, so then maybe that’s when it gets a little trickier because you have all these people you’re friends with on Facebook and then obviously you’re not necessarily inviting all of them.”

She says if a good friend is expecting an invitation, you might want to just pull them aside for a brief conversation.

“People understand. Times are tight, so just tell people straight up like it’s just going to be close family and then they don’t have to get their hopes up that they’re coming to a wedding that they’re not actually coming to.”

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