By KYW Special Contributor Larry Kane

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The governor of Delaware is now on a trip to India seeking new business for the state.

Jack Markell is also chair of the National Governors Association. He’s got a favorite project: stressing the hiring of the disabled at large and small businesses around the country.

“It’s a great opportunity because every chair of this organization gets to choose one issue for the organization to focus on during that year. My issue is employment for people with disabilities. It’s one of these issues that is not Democratic it’s not Republican and it’s one that I really believe we can move the needle on and I’m excited about it,” said Markell.

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While Jack Markell serves his second term, he sees a lot of extra help from the federal government led by Vice President Joe Biden. He believes there’s a good chance that Delaware’s own will run for President.

“He’s extraordinarily effective across a number of issues. First of all he gets the job done. He understands what it takes to make things happen in Washington. He did so as a US Senator, he has certainly done so as Vice President. And the one thing about Joe Biden is he has never forgotten were he is from,” Markell adds.