By Jim Melwert

By Jim Melwert

LANSDALE, PA (CBS) – While the big storm clobbered New England, it spared most of our region its wrath, with only a dusting to a couple of inches in the suburbs.

The worst part of heading out on the roads Saturday morning was probably cleaning off your car, says Richard of Lansdale, who’d been scraping away for about 10 minutes and was about halfway done.

“It’s ice, I guess because of the rain first, but it’s coming off.”

The windy, bitter cold didn’t seem to bother Richard, that’s because, he says, he spent the first 25 years of his life in Buffalo. “This is a piece of cake.”

And so were most of the roads, even coated with snow, speeds were down as there were slick spots, but nothing to keep people from getting where they needed to go.

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