By Mike Dunn, Walt Hunter

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Embattled Philadelphia city councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown says she has no intention of resigning from office despite a growing ethics scandal that has now reached into the federal prosecutor’s office.

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One day after her former campaign manager was charged with wire fraud (see related story), Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds showed up at the regular Thursday meeting of Council.  She said she is not able to talk about what is clearly an ongoing federal investigation.

She did, though, say that the matter is not — at least at this point — prompting her to consider resignation.

“I’ve continued to be in quite a lot of contact with all of my colleagues, and I’m encouraged by the level of support I’ve been receiving and continue to receive,” she told KYW Newsradio this morning.

So is it her intent to remain in office?

“The answer is yes,” she replied.

Eyewitness News reporter Walt Hunter was also there to ask the councilwoman some questions.

Reporter: “Is this the kind of conduct you feel your constituents should have from someone they elected to office?”

Reynolds Brown: “I’ve had a stellar ethical track record for 12 years-in the past 18 months I have indicated on the record that I’ve had ethical violations.”

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Reporter: “Can you tell me more about the $3,300 in campaign funds you used to pay a personal loan?”

Reynolds Brown: “The procedures of the ethics board state I shouldn’t be talking in any more detail about that.”

Reporter: “Councilwoman Brown, can we ask you about your former campaign manager being charged with fraud?”

Reynolds Brown: “It’s very very inappropriate for anyone, no matter what their stature, to comment.”

Reynolds Brown’s 2011 campaign chief, John McDaniel, was charged with using $100,000 in campaign money for personal and other uses.

The councilwoman herself last week reached a settlement agreement with the city’s Board of Ethics over omissions and misstatements on campaign finance reports, and over her use of campaign money to repay a personal loan (another related story).

Reynolds Brown’s attorney, Abbe Fletman, would not comment, nor would McDaniel’s attorney, Charles Gibbs.

“It’s all relative depending on whose judging, said council president Darrell Clark when Walt Hunter asked if the image of council was tainted because Reynolds Brown has not resigned. “She’s acknowledge her mistakes, at this point, I continue to wish she can move on from that issue.”

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