By Tony Romeo

HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) – Backed by two members from Philadelphia, a pair of measures that would eliminate the city’s corruption-plagued Traffic Court sailed through a state Senate committee Tuesday.

Both Larry Farnese and fellow Democrat Michael Stack — the two Philadelphia members of the Senate Judiciary Committee — backed the legislation, which is sponsored by the Senate majority leader, Chester Republican Dominic Pileggi.

One measure approved by the committee would set the stage for an amendment to the state constitution that would formally eliminate Traffic Court, turning its responsibilities over to Municipal Court. The other is bill that would eliminate Traffic Court in all but name only, also turning its functions over to Municipal Court.

Corruption at Traffic Court is “offensive” according to Stack.

“It’s a slap in the face to good citizens all over Pennsylvania, and specifically in Philadelphia. And I’m glad that we’re moving legislation.”

But both Stack and Farnese say they do want to make sure Municipal Court has adequate resources to absorb the increase in duties.

“I think there has to be amendments – some kind of provisions for the additional burden. I think both Senator Stack and myself agree with that,” Senator Farnese said. “We have to make sure that there’s sufficient resources to handle to overflow.”