By Hadas Kuznits

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A new exhibit of dinosaur art was unveiled this weekend at the Academy of Natural Sciences.

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It is called “Drawn to Dinosaurs.” Paleo-illustrator Jason Poole says it celebrates the pictures of these creatures that were drawn of them based on their fossils:

“The take-home message for me is that every time you think of a dinosaur, if you have any kind of a dinosaur in your memory, and most people do, you say dinosaur and an image comes up of a dinosaur. That image started probably with an artist; and that’s really cool!”

Poole says art and science go hand-in-hand:

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“Our understanding of these fossils has really changed how we do dinosaur art.”

To show what illustrators do, Poole spent his weekend at the museum creating a chalk rendering of hadrasaurus foulkii:

“People can ask me questions why I did certain things, or maybe they can even find a couple of mistakes and point them out. That’s always fun,” he said.

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The exhibit runs until Summer.