By Jenn Bernstein

FALLS TOWNSHIP, Pa. (CBS) — A 34-year-old girl’s softball coach in Bucks County is facing charges for allegedly having sex with a 14-year-old girl.

According to a police affidavit, Kevin Jones told the victim he wanted her to think of him as a father figure.

Police say the girl, then 14, was friends with Jones’ daughter. He also coached their softball team in the spring of 2012.

It was the victim’s mother who reported the relationship to police after the victim told her sister about the alleged relationship that eventually became sexual in nature, according to the police affidavit.

“Mostly through various emails that were going back and forth through the victim and Mr. Jones, a total of 1,400, it was obvious that a sexual relationship had occurred between the two,” said Fairless Hills Police Lieutenant Henry Ward.

Jones is facing a myriad of felony charges including statutory rape, and deviant sexual intercourse with a minor.

The victim alleges sexual contact occurred in Jones home, where he lived with his wife and two children.

On Friday, police were planning on executing a search warrant. But in the early morning hours, Jones’ trailer burned down, and with it were his computer and cell phone.

Police say the victim, who claims to be in love with Jones, tried to warn him.

“We did learn after that subsequently checking on various emails and stuff the female victim did tip off Mr. Jones and stated that they’re coming, so we don’t know if it was an accidental fire or intentional fire at this time,” said Lieutenant Ward.

Police are worried there could be other victims out there since Jones coached several different teams over an eight-year period. They’re asking parents to speak to their teens.

Jones was sent to the Bucks County Prison and is being held on $2 million dollars bail.