By Brad Segall

UPPER MERION, Pa. (CBS) – The family of Ellen Robb, who was beaten to death inside her Upper Merion home more than six years ago by her husband – a former Penn economics professor – has started a foundation to raise awareness about domestic violence.

Gary Gregory says the Every Great Reason Foundation is designed to provide an avenue for women who believe they can’t get out of a bad situation to move forward with their lives.

The organization provides access to counseling and support along with shelter to help women become empowered. Ellen Robb’s brother Gary Gregory says everyone has the right and should have an opportunity to start over.

“The need for greater awareness is where we are really striving to go and the more people understand that folks like my sister, who we had no idea she was experiencing these issues, these conditions. She was in mental quicksand; she didn’t know how to get out.”

Dr. Rafael Robb was scheduled to be paroled from prison this week, but the family mounted a successful campaign to keep him behind bars longer. Gregory says the organization pays tribute to his sister and gets its name from her initials EGR.